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  • Sun - Thu
  • Fri - Sat
  • 8:00am-10pm
  • 8:00am-11pm

Happy Hours

  • Not-so-Early-Bird
  • Everyday - Bar Only
  • Tuesdays- All Night Happy Hour
  • Mon-Fri, 8:00am-11am
  • 3-6:30pm & 10pm-close
  • 3pm-close
5 Spot

Dining Room Hours

  • Weekdays
  • Sat - Sun
  • 8:00am-11pm
  • 8:00am-3pm & 5pm-12am
  • Closed 3-5pm

Happy Hours

  • Not-so-Early-Bird
  • Mon - Fri
  • Mon-Fri, 8:00-11am
  • 3pm-6pm & 10pm-close
Endolyne Joe's

Dining Room Hours

  • Sun - Thu
  • Fri - Sat
  • 8am-10pm
  • 8am-11pm

Happy Hours

  • Not-so-Early-Bird
  • Everyday
  • Tuesdays- All Night
  • Mon-Fri, 8am-11am
  • 3pm-6pm & 9pm-close
  • 3pm-close
2114 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
United States
TnT exterior

Operating Hours

  • Daily
  • 8am - 10pm
Welcome to CHOW ~ Seattle's Neighborhood Restaurants

A city is defined by its neighborhoods, and Seattle is jeweled by diverse, eccentric, highly distinctive and very proud communities. Our restaurants are located in these Seattle neighborhoods: Queen Anne, West Seattle, Ballard, and Wallingford are the 'hoods that we call home. Favored primarily by locals, we pride ourselves on creating restaurants that reflect the character of the neighborhoods in which they reside. Whether you're a Seattle resident or an out-of-town visitor, for a fun and dynamic representation of each of these Seattle neighborhoods, we hope you'll find comfort in one of our joints.

The comfort is also in the cooking! We offer foods that soothe the soul, no matter what latitude you call home. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we're pretty much here for you at all (reasonable) hours.

“So, what is it with you guys and the constantly changing menus?”

In addition to our year-round regular menus of favorites, three of our restaurants feature a rotating Food Festival series that'll take you through the Americas or the four seasons of the Pacific Northwest! These menus are rich in history, flavor and tradition from cultures far and wide.

We feel the best thing about food is the constant learning and discovery. No matter what you know about can always know more! That's our philosophy. Who’s got a great idea for a festival menu? The 5 Spot Chef who just got back from a vacation in San Antonio? Chances are good you will see a Texas menu in the near future. Or perhaps it's autumn and our Hi-Life General Manager misses the cozy comforts from his Vermont upbringing? Well get ready for a leaf peeper New England menu. Maybe we are just in the mood for some damn good Étouffée, well then bring on a N’awlins menu! Wherever the inspiration we embrace it wholeheartedly as there is no end to the great flavors for us to explore.

Developing our festival and seasonal menu entails a tremendous amount of work from each respective restaurant. It’s a bit like opening an entirely new restaurant every three months. The initial idea for a menu can come from anyone on our staff. After being approved, the menu is painstakingly researched by the Executive Chef, Chef & Sous Chefs from each restaurant. The initial dishes get created at least a half dozen times before being put through a gauntlet of staff tastings. While this may not be the fastest or most cost effective way to create a menu, it’s a ton of fun for us and the only way we can ensure that we are putting our best "plate" forward every time!  Labeled by local press as "boredom-defying menus," we strive to keep it fresh for our customers and staff alike.

Thanks for your virtual interest in our restaurants and now that you know a little of what goes into creating our eclectic menus, we hope you will pop into the 5 Spot, Hi-Life, Endolyne Joe's, or TnT Taqueria and check out where we’ve landed.

If we're not in your neighborhood, we hope you'll visit one of ours!



Chow Chat

Peru is one of the most fascinating countries in the world with breathtaking natural landmarks and a distinct culture. From the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu to the humble ceviche, there’s tons to do and eat in this South American country. Here at Joe’s, we’ve cultivated the Peruvian culture into our NEW festival dishes! Ceviche de Pescado…Cusco Quinoa…Polla a la Brassa…Tamal Peruano….