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Dining Room Hours

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  • Fri - Sat
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  • 8am-11pm

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  • Not-so-Early-Bird
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2114 North 45th Street
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Festival- Chicago


APPETIZERS--Citywide study indicates appetizers as the best way to start your meal

Bigos, allegedly also known as “hunter’s stew”
This traditional Polish soup contains Nate’s house made kielbasa, bacon, sliced mushrooms, red wine & cabbage.
Endolyne challenges the ubiquitous Greek salad
Arugula & romaine tossed with feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumber, red bell peppers, cherry tomato & Chicago’s sport peppers. Tossed in roasted sweet pepper vinaigrette & topped with crisped garbanzo beans.
Li’l Al’s Italian beef takes Chicagoans by storm
Two small sandwiches of thin shaved slow roasted beef topped with pickled giardiniera & served ‘wet’ on amoroso rolls.
Editorial board declares PIEROGI great for sharing
Potato, cheddar & parmesan stuffed dumpling topped with red onion jam and served with grüne sosse.

DINNERS -- Tonight's Top News

Pork chop supper remains juicy after grilling
Served with horseradish spiked mashed potatoes, bacon braised cabbage, apple-mustard compote & pork reduction.
Rigatoni Bolognese craze sweeps West Seattle
Beef & pork tomato gravy tossed with al dente rigatoni. Topped with shaved parmesan & served with house made herbed focaccia bread.
Steelhead salmon declared a fancy trout!
These fish start in the ocean...then swim upstream for some uniquely fishy fun...then back to the ocean to be caught & eaten. No doubt a somewhat better outcome than their salmon siblings...pan seared & served on cranberry-almond rice pilaf with roasted Brussels sprouts and lemon butter sauce.
Hanger steak gets sauced!
Steak defends self by stating it was simply marinated in Joe’s Chicago bbq. Served with herb mashers & grilled broccolini.

Side Stories

horseradishy mashed potatoes
bacon braised red cabbage
oven roasted Brussels sprouts
green beans w/red onion jam

Cocktails-- Chicago specialty beverages revealed to quench thirst

Chicago fire
Bourbon, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, lemon, hot cider.
The Capone
Whistling Andy Gin, St. Germaine, lemon juice,
Chicajoe’s sparkler
Apricot infused brandy, Cointreau, sparkling wine.
The ‘O’ harp production
Pomegranate Vodka, lime, Triple Sec & cranberry juice.
No-alcohol libations gain momentum
Hot apple pie
Cider, caramel syrup, HWC
Cherry cream soda
Soda, cherry syrup, cream
The Cub’s fan
Cup full of disappointment with a garnish of, “there’s always next year!”

Neighborhood Notes

Da Joe's, Da Joe's, Da Joe's!

This is the last week that we will be featuring our Chicago MenuI mean, for example, which breakfast would you rather have - the boring cereal, or Da Pork Cutlet? Da Cutlet of course! Now, let me ask you this: What would you choose if you came to Joe's for dinner? Da Pork Chop?! Da Rigatoni Bolognese?! Enjoy the Windy City folks!

Sausage and Peppers Hash
Italian Beef Sandwich
American Steelhead